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Executive Deferred Compensation Plans

Executive Deferred Compensation Plans or Top Hat Plans are retention tools that are frequently used by companies and organization to entice key executive to stay with their current employer for a specified period of time. This may be because the key employee is so vital that the company can’t afford to lose them. Some companies go as far to go to a provider like to insure them. A key executive is difficult to replace which is why plans like this exist. Below is a summary of the plan features:

Type of Company Non-qualified
Eligible Employees Select Executives & Owners
Annual Admin Cost Less than $1,000
Employer Contribution Defined by the company
Vesting Schedule Defined by the company
Payout Options Defined by the company

Since these plans are non-qualified plans, the company can hand pick who to cover and not cover with these plans. These plans also vary greatly in design. An agreement is drafted between the company and the key employee specifying the vesting schedule, dollar amount of the benefits, and payout structure. There must be “substantial risk of forfeiture” associated with the benefit for these plans to operate correctly. Companies also have a number of options when deciding how to fund the future liability associated with executive deferred compensation plan.

Deferred Compensation

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For companies located outside of the Capital Region, we designed a virtual employer sponsored retirement plan platform that allows us to offer our clients:

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  • Employee Education (if applicable)
  • Retirement Planning
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All of our services start with a complimentary consult. We can assist you in determining which plan is the right fit for your company.

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