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Divorce Attorney

Help Your Clients Avoid These Seven Financial Mistakes When Getting Divorced

As a financial planning firm, we often see clients after their divorce is finalized and decisions have been made, only for them to find out that there may have been a better way to split assets, avoid a tax hit, or that important language is missing from a QDRO document.  This presentation is designed to help divorce attorneys create better financial solutions for their clients when negotiating the terms of the divorce agreement. Michael is a certified divorce financial analyst and he will be covering the following topics:

  • Tax and financial considerations when splitting the house
  • The most common mistakes with and QDRO documents
  • Tax pitfalls when splitting retirement accounts
  • The impact of divorce on college financial aid
  • Strategies to help reduce the tax impact of the change of tax treatment of alimony
  • Valuing stock options and restricted stock
  • Strategies for addressing financial needs versus financial want
  • Structuring insurance policies to protect support payments
  • 529 plan pitfalls in divorce
  • Financial illustrations that help the collaborative and litigation process

Google, SEO, and Creating a Blog That Results in More Clients

This might seem like an odd topic for financial planner to be presenting on, but I have been on the same journey that many business owners have been on; trying to attract more prospects to their company via Google search, blogging, and social media efforts. In September 2017, we only had 100 new visitors a month coming to our website so we sought out the top specialist on Google search and SEO and had them personally train us in each discipline. By February 2018, we had over 40,000 new visitors coming to our website a month.  In years past, we had only grown from traditional marketing, referrals, and word-of-mouth, and this new source of prospects is now growing exponentially and producing results beyond just attracting new clients. In this presentation I will cover:

  • Why traditional marketing is dying
  • Understanding google search
  • New trends in how people are searching for information
  • New SEO tactics that work
  • Elements that you need to build your digital voice
  • What we learned on our journey to 40,000
  • Software and resources
  • Maximizing your time
  • The winning structure for blog articles
  • Measuring results
  • Going it your self or hiring professionals
  • The long tail strategy
  • Creating a niche: Perception is reality
  • Don’t assume you know how people are searching for you

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