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The House Passed The Tax Bill. What’s The Next Step?

  Last night the house passed the Tax Cut & Jobs Act Bill with ease.  Next up is the Senate vote. It’s important to understand the House and the Senate are voting on two different tax reform bills.   Below is a chart illustrating the main differences between the House...

Tax Reform: At What Cost?

  The Republicans are in a tough situation.  There is a tremendous amount of pressure on them to get tax reform done by the end of the year.  This type of pressure can have ugly side effects.  It’s similar to the Hail Mary play at the end of a football game. ...

Investment Management

Our fee‐based advisory team provides our clients with actively managed portfolio that support their overall financial plan. Our top down macroeconomic strategy is designed to
assist our clients in achieving financial stability and growth.

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Company Retirement Plans

We love employer sponsored retirement plans!! We provide clients with access to 401(k) Plans, Simple IRA’s, Single(k) Plans, SEP IRA’s, and Pension Plans. Our solutions focus on low fees, tax savings, plan design, high quality investments, employee education, and headache free administration.

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Financial Planning

Our fee‐based financial planning services provide our clients with retirement projections, college savings, asset allocation, estate planning, insurance analysis, and cash flow optimization. Our clients work with a Certified Financial Planner® to create a personalized financial plan.

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About Greenbush Financial

Greenbush Financial Group, LLC is an independent registered investment advisory firm based out of New York that specializes in employer sponsored retirement plans and financial planning. We have clients all over the United States that range from individual financial planning clients that live in Capital Region to 401(k) clients that have hundreds of employees all across the country. GFG was established in January 2000 as a traditional wealth management firm and we currently serve as investment advisor to over $180,000,000 in client assets. In 2016, we made the strategic decision to build a platform that would allow us to deliver our best in class advisory and financial planning services to clients regardless of where they live and work. Our virtual platform has allowed us to reduce the cost of our services and continue to build personal relationships with new clients via our easy to use video conferencing systems. Our clients have the pleasure to work with a team of seasoned financial professionals that maintain the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and/or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designations.

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